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Petrol Prices is an independent web site set up by Fubra Limited to give UK motorists information, and more importantly, opportunity, to save money on the rising costs of fuel. The site allows users to find the cheapest petrol prices in their immediate area by typing in their postcode or the name of the area they live. Results will be returned for the cheapest petrol and diesel prices and includes the major suppliers such as Shell, Texaco and BP as well as smaller chains and independents. The table below gives the latest, up to date, average, minimum and maximum cost of petrol, diesel, LRP and LPG across the UK from the last update.

Latest UK Fuel Prices

  • The service is completely free and you can sign up to receive regular updates by e-mail for the fuel prices in your area. With over 8,000 updates across 10,000 petrol stations every day on you can rely on the information. Sign up and start saving money on your fuel costs today.


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