Jaguar XF 2.2 i4 Diesel Sport (200) Review

Jaguars executive saloon is a sure fire winner. Combining style, performance and luxury from £34,940.

Mercedes must be grimmacing at Jaguars new kid on the block. They should be, it's more stylish than it's Mercedes E250 CDi Sport counterpart, with a very similar engine, but the beauty here is pretty much all the "extras" on the Merc, come as standard on the Jaguar.

An 8 speed Auto Gearbox trots quickly up to 60 mph in just 8 seconds. Not so quick, but quick enough, this isn't a boy racers car, it's for the more refined gentleman or lady who still likes a little bit of pace under the right foot.

A great touring car, there's generous boot space, leg room in the back but the sloping roof can be an issue for taller passengers. Heated seats tend to get uncomfortable after 10 minutes and the interactive touch screen for audio visual equipment and sat nav is very cumbersome to use.

The ride is a little harder than you might expect and the model I had tended to over rev a little through the lower gears.

Some small niggles aside, this is a great car, quiet and comfortable, and at £34,940 with lots of extras thrown in, it's a tough one to beat.

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