Understanding Your Report

We have taken an actual report provided by HPI and noted next to each section what that part of the report means and what the potential issue could be. We have blacked out some sensitive data so that the details cannot be copied from the site.


There are ways to double check some of the data in the report if things don't look quite right, so, even if the report shows something a bit "dodgy", some further investigation may actually show that everything is actually fine.


Read the red text on the right of the report which explains the part of the report adjacent to it.


We have added some more information below the sample report to further explain what the terms mean.

Sample Report Page 1

Sample Report Page 2

Sample Report Page 3

Sample Report Page 4



Further Explanation

Plates or VRM - This is the set of letters and numbers displayed on the plastic plates affixed to the front and rear of the vehicle. A white plate on the front and a yellow plate on the rear. It is not unusual for a vehicle to have had more than one number plate associated to it in the past as previous owners may have had a private number plate they registered to the vehicle.

Interest - If there is an "interested party" shown on the report this may be an indication that the vehicle is being sought by the Police, an Insurance Company or a FInance Company as the vehicle may be stolen, written off or the previous owner may have defaulted on a loan. If you are unsure, contact the named Party who's interest has been recorded.

National Mileage Register NMR - Maintained by HPI, this is the largest database of vehicle mileages available in the UK. This database collects information from a number of sources including dealers services, MOT's, the DVLA and online checks.

If your report shows some dodgy mileage, be wary. It may not be a serious problem so don't panic and look into it in more detail.

Check copies of service histories, check MOT certificates, if you don't have copies of MOT's you can check MOT history here, phone the dealership or the garage where the services were undertaken to verify the history is genuine and the mileage on their system matches the documents you have.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) - This is a special number absolutely unique to your vehicle. Check that the VIN on the car matches that displayed on the documents. VIN Numbers are usually displayed on the drivers door jamb, the bottom of the windscreen on the passenger side and should be visible from outside the car, or on a stamped plate under the bonnet. If there are any signs that these numbers or the plates have been tampered with or altered in anyway, even if they are unclear, it could be a sign that something isn't right and you should be wary.

V5C - Your Registration document or Logbook. When you buy the vehicle you fill out a slip which is removed from this document saying you are now the new owner. After a week or so, you should get the new document in the post with your details on it. Keep it in a safe place in case you want to sell the vehicle later.

These documents can be forged. Look for the Watermark to verify it is genuine.

Import/Export - This would indicate whether the vehicle had been imported from abroad or was showing as having been exported from the UK. Note that if a vehicle is exported and then imported back to the UK, no record of the car being exported will show on the report and no history of the vehicle will be available for the time it spent outside the UK.

Vehicle Economy - MPG - Miles Per Gallon your vehicle uses under various driving conditions. Urban is driving in town or country environments and fuel economy is not so good, Extra Urban is driving on motorways or dual carriagways where fuel consumption is much better and Combined is exactly wat it says, a combination of the two.

Outstanding Finance - If a loan is secured against the vehicle and the owner defaults on the payments, the lender is allowed to claim the vehicle and sell it on to recover their loss. That means, if you buy a car with outstanding finance, it can be taken away from you by law, even though you have done nothing wrong.

Condition Alert - Indicates whether the vehicle has been considered a write off by Insurers at any point in the past.

Condition Inspected - A vehicle that has been written off but subsequently repaired and inspected and passed fit for use on the road.


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