HPI Check

One of the longest standing providers of this type of report in the industry. HPI have been around since 1938 and are the UK's market leader in car data checks. Setting the Industry standard for others to follow, HPI offer a £30,000 information guarantee as standard on all their products.


Choose from a Single vehicle check or a multiple vehicle check which offers you a saving per vehicle if you haven't made your mind up yet and still have a few cars to consider.


HPI offer a wealth of Products to complement their HPI Check. Purchase a Theft Guard anti-theft pack to deter would be car theifs and make vehicle identification easier in the event your car is stolen and recovered, arrange GAP Insurance to protect you against vehicle depreciation.


You can check the identity of your car for free on the HPI Website, but detailed information on mileage, finance, number of owners etc. is all contained within the reports starting from £19.99 for a Classic Check and £24.99 for a Premium Check.


The reports are run online and can be down loaded and printed off. If you don't have all the vehicle information to hand you can start the process and save it, coming back to it later to complete and update your report online. It's very simple and straight forward to use.

HPI Product Options


Classic HPI Check - £19.99

Included - Vehicle details, number of former keepers, outstanding finance check, any colour changes, number plate transfer, import/export, stolen, written off, scrapped, mileage history, VIN Check, valuation, fuel economy and performance, CO2 emissions, V5 Document Check, £30,000 guarantee*.

Not included - Cover against cloning.

What we say - Probably the most thorough check available anywhere in the UK with a hefty guarantee. Make sure you read the terms and conditions to ensure your guarantee can be claimed if needed.

* Terms and conditions apply.


      Premium HPI Check - £24.99

      Included - Everything as stated above for the Classic HPI Check is included here with the added benefit of a higher £40,000 guarantee* plus clone cover.

      Not included - There is nothing missing.

      What we say - Premium product at a not so premum price. If you are spending more on your car then the extra guarantee brings you more peace of mind with added cover against cloning.

      * Terms and Conditions Apply.


HPI Multicheck - £29.97

Included - Everything included in the Single Check detailed above but you get to check 3 cars instead of just one.

Not included - No cloning cover.

What we say - Similar to AutoChecks Multiple Check product you might want to compare the two before you buy. Check 5 cars with Autocheck or 3 cars with HPI.


HPI Theft Guard - £24.99

Included - 3 different security measures to help protect your vehicle or make it easier to identify if it is stolen and recovered.

Window Stencils - Etch your VIN Number on to your windows.

Alert Stickers - Stickers advise criminals of the security measures used on your vehicle. A proven deterrant.

Microdots - Tiny dots almost invisible to the naked eye can be placed around the car, inside and outside. The dots, about the size of a pin head actually have your VIN Number written on to make identification much easier.

Not included - Not relevant.

What we say - If you are ultra cautious this pack acts as a really cheap alternative to put would be thiefs off. Even if it does get taken, identification on recovery is much easier meaning you could get your vehicle back much quicker than you would without this pack.


HPI GAP Insurance - Quote

Included - Insurance to ensure you get the full value of vehicle back. If your vehicle is written off this insurance pays the difference between the Insurance pay out and the amount you paid for the vehicle.

Not included - Don't confuse this product with personal car insurance. It's not.

What we say - Protects you against vehicle depreciation. The older you car gets, the less it's worth. As an example, if you pay £10,000 for a car, after 12 months, it may only be worth £6,000. If you have an acciident, and the car is written off, the Insurance company will only pay you the £6,000 which is the current market value of the car at the time of the accident. With this insurance, they will pay you the balance of £4,000 so you are not left out of pocket.