AA Recovery Breakdown Options - From £29.99.

Undoubtedly the largest breakdown organisation in the UK and arguably the best, The AA has built a formidable reputation for quality and service over its 108 year history.


The AA boasts 15 million members being served by some 3,000 patrol vehicles offering a response time of just 30 minutes on average. Recommended by Which? magazine as Best Buy for Breakdown Cover, they come well recommended too.


There used to be just 6 products available from the AA, but now you can completely tailor their product range to suit your requirements and budget by building your breakdown package into any combination you need from the 6 main prodcuts. This gives you 11 different levels of cover to choose from.


With 5 levels of cover available you can choose to cover the vehicle only, so that the vehicle can be recovered no matter who is driving, cover yourself, so you can be assisted by the AA if you break down in any vehicle, even if it doesn't belong to you. Family cover is also available offering personal cover for 2, 3 or 4 people.


Use the table below to see which level of cover suits you best. Note that the prices below are based on Vehicle Cover meaning only the car is covered and it doesn't matter who is driving at the time of the breakdown.


Current Offers:

Buy breakdown cover with the following options today to get a fuel card worth up to £75:

Get £30 fuel card if you add National Recovery

Get £40 fuel card if you add National Recovery and At Home

Get £75 fuel card if you add National Recovery, At Home and Onward Travel

In addition The AA are giving away 2 for 1 nights away at hotels and guest houses plus exclusive discounts on days out at visitor attractions. *

* Refer to The AA website for Terms and Conditions.


Options Roadside Assistance National Recovery At Home Onward Travel Parts and Garage Cover 12 Month Membership Cost per Month Web Site
OPTION 1 £29.99 £2.50
OPTION 2 £91.99 £7.67
OPTION 3 £84.99 £7.08


OPTION 5 £89.99 £7.50
OPTION 6 £114.99 £9.58
OPTION 7 £157.99 £13.17
OPTION 8 £129.99 £10.83
OPTION 9 £180.99 £15.08
OPTION 10 £151.99 £12.67
OPTION 11 £217.99 £18.17


What does it Mean?

Vehicle Cover for You Only- Brand new product from The AA. Cover restricted to 1 person (as passenger or driver) in the named vehicle. Cover is Roadside assistance only and local tow if required. Purchasers can remain on this product at renewal.

Roadside Assistance - Any time of the day or night, 7 days a week. The AA will attend if you break down and will tow you to a nearby garage if they cannot fix your car at the roadside.

At Home - As it says. If your car breaks down on the driveway, they will attend and try to resolve the issue.

National Recovery - Guarantees to take you, your vehicle and up to 7 passengers anywhere in the UK if they cannot fix your car at the roadside.

Parts and Garage Cover - Covers some of the cost of parts and labour if your car needs to be worked on by a garage. Maximum 5 claims in a 12 month period up to £500 each with a £35 excess to be paid by you. This option is not available until 15 days after the start of your cover.

Onward Travel - If your car needs to be attended to by a garage you can choose to have the following paid for, a hire car, public transport or overnight accomodation.

Vehicle Cover - Covers the vehicle only, no matter who is driving. The vehicle must be less than 10 years old.

Cover for you - Personal cover for you as the driver or passenger in any car.

Cover for 2 people - Covers 2 people living at the same address for any vehicle.

Family Cover for 3 people - Covers 3 people living at the same address for any vehicle.

Family Cover for 4 people - Covers 4 people living at the same address for any vehicle.